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NOSSTEC CNC control bending roll 8268

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NOSSTEC (formerly LUNA) is a manufacturer of bending rolls, known world-wide for their high quality. Whether you're in the lighting industry, manufacturing mufflers, a HVAC manufacturer, or in the architectural or general metal industry, NOSSTEC offers a range of machines from manually-operated, motor-driven and CNC controlled bending rolls to meet your needs. "At NOSSTEC we believe very strongly in producing bending roll machines made with pride and superior quality. For us, superior quality means a lifetime of the machine and also the best sustainability for our customers' investment."

Product Details

Suitable for small to medium production and demanding applications, the 8268 is designed to meet the requirements for longer CNC rolls for tight radius bending. A welded steel frame and cast guides provide the necessary rigidity. The design with three rolls (pre-bending, bottom and bending roll) mounted independently in separate guides enables high productivity and easy adjustment of the rolls. The top roll is mounted above the middle roll making this machine a four-roll bender with symmetrically placed rolls. In order to control the bending result over the working length, the machine can be equipped with hydraulic crowning supports for the lower roll. This is carried out by three support blocks with four pressure bearings. The crowning is adjusted with a hand pump.

All four rolls are driven in order to prevent scratches on easily damaged sheets from slipping rolls. The movement of the three lower rolls is carried out by lead screws. The four-roll system eliminates the need for any intermediate handling of the sheet between pre-bending and final bending. This ensures high repetition accuracy as well as a rapid and rational production. When the bending is finished the lock clamp on the right hand side opens to allow removal of the bent profile. This function can be eliminated in the program. As standard the machine is delivered with hardened and ground rolls, motor 400V 3-phase and 24V control voltage.


  • CNC-control with the capacity to store 200 programs in internal memory and nearly unlimited by attaching an external USB flash drive
  • Pre-bending and final bending in one cycle
  • All four rolls are driven
  • Crowned rolls
  • Programmable axis
  • Designed for highest accuracy
  • Adjustable crowning of the lower roll
  • Program backup through external computer or attached USB flash drive


The programming of the machine is facilitated by different menus available on the screen. In order to further simplify the programming, the control buttons are of multi-function type, whose functions are automatically changed when changing menus.

The CNC has a internal storage capacity of 200 programs or near unlimited with an external USB flash drive. The program consists of sections, where each section is provided with a bending value. This enables easy and quick programming of the machine for different bending operations.

The CNC system can operate with interpolation, where the rolls are adjusted simultaneously with the feeding operation.



  • Adjustable crowning support
  • Chromium-plated rolls
  • Adiprene-coated rolls
  • Rolls with grooves
  • Stacking tables
  • Programmable support arm
  • Additional safety equipment
  • Infeed and outfeed equipment

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