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HK LASER Fiber Laser FS 3015

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    FS 3015
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HK Laser and Systems is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality fiber and CO2 laser application systems. In addition to conventional machines designed for metal plate and sheets, HK produces high-speed & heavy-duty tube laser cutting systems and special laser application systems. Technical advantages of HK Laser & Systems include an array of machine options such as Smart-Automation automatic loading/unloading systems, Smart-Cut zooming head and supersonic nozzles to keep competitive in today’s marketplace. The main Technical Demo Centre, located in Lombard, Illinois represents their commitment to the North American metal fabrication industry to support HK’s products and the customers' various needs for laser cutting applications. This facility features two laser cutting systems for demonstration, application studies for you and a large inventory of parts for immediate shipment. HK Laser & Systems has one of the highest ratios of service technicians per installed laser machines. Our service technicians are statically stationed around the country for quick dispatch and low cost of servicing. HK Laser & Systems — Creating the Value of Success.

Product Details

FS 3015 Fiber



Features and Functions

• 2KW fiber laser resonator (higher powers available as an option)
• Siemens 840D SINUMERIK control
• Light weight cutting bridge with the synchronized dual servo motors
• Quick change non-contact cutting head
• Durable and rugged rack & pinion motions system
• Rapid traverse speed 6700 IPM with 1.5G acceleration
• 15” flat panel touch screen
• 512MB memory with 40GB HDD
• Cutting feed rate up to 1000 IPM
• Lens protective glass
• Open / close roof design
• Automatic regulator systems for three (3) assist gases
• Built-in cutting database


Design and Structure

• Laser beam generated and delivered through the fiber optic cable
• 70% energy savings by fiber laser compared to CO2 laser
• No need for laser gas
• Cuts thin materials 2-3 times faster than CO2 laser systems
• No need for optical mirrors to deliver the laser beam to the cutting head
• Cuts exotic materials including copper and brass
• Simple & modular fiber laser source

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