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Bodor Laser
Bodor Laser Laser Cutting Machines P-Series Laser Cutting Machines

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    Bodor Laser
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    P-Series Laser Cutting Machines
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About Bodor Laser

Bodor Laser, an international brand manufacturing high quality world-class laser cutting systems. Dedicated to laser solutions, specialized in research & development and marketing of Fiber and CO2 laser machines.

Bodor Laser designs and manufactures machines for metal plate and sheet cutting, tube cutting systems, dual-use tube/plate cutting machines, with or without automatic loading, automatic coil cutting machines, laser engraving/marking machines and special laser applications to meet your needs. Laser power available from 1kW through to 20kW.

With installations in more than 150 countries, offering European quality with an intelligent manufacturing facility (Over 30,000 m2) all supported with a global service network backed by Bodor's strong technical strength that comes to the customer's needs at any time and at any place.

Bodor Laser — Future is Now.

Product Details

Bodor P-Series laser cutting machines for cutting sheets and plate. Power choices of 1 kW, 1.5 kW, 2 kW, 3 kW, 4 kW and 6kW with standard table sizes of 1500 x 3100mm (5' x 10'), 2000 x 4000mm (6.5' x 13'), 1500 x 6100mm (5’ x 20’), 2000 x 6100mm (6.5' x 20'), 2500 x 6100mm (8' x 20') and 2500 x 8100mm (8' x 26'). 


"Future is Now" is more than a saying at Bodor, it's part of their company culture and it is what drives Bodor to lead the market in quality and innovation!  Bodor Laser's technical advantages make it the choice of smart manufactures across Canada - standard features to keep you competitive are; a cast iron bed, cast aluminum crossbeam, auto-focus laser head, IPG laser source, gear driven 10-second exchange tables, touch-screen Wi-Fi-control with dual HD cameras and our Mango wireless remote control, automatic nozzle changer, Bodor Pro software, automatic lubrication system and many other items along with optional accessories to enhance your requirements.  The machine is then all nicely wrapped up in a full protection machine cover.


After sales support and service at Bodor Laser is important to your success and that's why we have 24-7 technical support available is 16 languages, along with factory engineers based in Canada for quick response and lower cost of ownership. 


Future is Now.


NOTE: Conversions from metric are approximate. 




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