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IMET Manual Operation PERFECT 300

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    PERFECT 300
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About IMET

Since 1968 imet has been designing, engineering and manufacturing band saws, circular saws and CNC sawing machines. Over the years they have invested in their resources to develop products to meet the increasing complex needs of their customers, in compliance with the highest standards of safety and for the environment. Whether you're looking for a manually-operated, semi-automatic, full automatic, or a special application sawing machine, imet has the sawing technology you need. imet has a sawing solution to match every budget and for every demand. Wait 'till you see what we saw...

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disc saws, pivoting movement, manual, steel and aluminum cut, miter

Manual mitre circular saws, suitable to cut metal profiles and on occasion for solids also mitre cut from 0° to 45° left and right.

  • Crown gear/endless screw in oil bath, single-piece reducer head with external adjustable clutch to safe the gears and blade.
  • Start button inside the handle. Coolant system with pump and additional filter in the tank. Complete with metallic blade protection. Vice with adjustable antiburr and quick clamping device. Blade spindle 32mm diameter. Adjustable length stop.
  • Cutting capacity at 90 °, round till 102 mm., square till 90 mm., rectangular till 120x80 mm.

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