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HAEGER 824 WindowTouch-4e

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Haeger manufactures hardware insertion machines and is the leader in the development of innovative fastener insertion solutions. Well known for its full line of machines with innovations such as their SingleTouch Part Handling Technology. Create Hardware Insertion Profit Centers™ by boosting your hardware insertion productivity with Haeger advanced technologies, optimizing labour, safety and improving quality.

Product Details

Introduction: Creating Hardware Insertion Profit Centers

The new 824 WindowTouch-4e brings you:

1. Easier and faster tooling setup combined with the most

reliable fastener feeding

2. Best workpiece accessibility

3. Easier and faster programming

4. Best Operator Ergonomics

5. Energy Saving

Learn how Haeger’s mission can become your profitability

•             Are you still handling your parts multiple times?

•             Are you still manually feeding the majority of your fasteners?

•             Are you still experiencing substantial setup

              times on both new and repeat jobs?

•             Are you still under the assumption that setting

              up automatic tooling is too complicated or too

               time consuming?

Are you still experiencing:

•             Missing fasteners?

•             Fasteners inserted in the wrong location?

•             Fasteners inserting on the wrong side of the part?

•             Wrong length stud or standoff inserted?

•             Parts scratched due to manual feeding in

                combination with multiple handlings

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