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IMET Fully-Automatic Operation C 370A-NC

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    C 370A-NC
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About IMET

Since 1968 imet has been designing, engineering and manufacturing band saws, circular saws and CNC sawing machines. Over the years they have invested in their resources to develop products to meet the increasing complex needs of their customers, in compliance with the highest standards of safety and for the environment. Whether you're looking for a manually-operated, semi-automatic, full automatic, or a special application sawing machine, imet has the sawing technology you need. imet has a sawing solution to match every budget and for every demand. Wait 'till you see what we saw...

Product Details

C 370 A-NC

The C370A-NC is a rugged, heavy-duty vertical column circular sawing machine. Vertical column constructions provides extremely stable saw frame guidance and stability with vibration free sawing! 

Feeder accuracy +/-  0.005 per index

Feeder length 20" on standard version, 47" on extended version, multiple indexes

Scrap end 7"

Infinitely variable blade speeds offer flexibility to fine tune the settings for sawing even the most difficult materials. 

The operators control is one of the easiest to use program-mable saw control on the market. 

Stores frequent jobs for fast recall


Standard Equipment

One HSS sawblade

Low voltage control

TEFC 3 phase drive motor

Totally enclosed worm gear transmission

Full Coolant System

Full Blade Guarding

Operators Manual Parts List/Schematics

Tool kit

Pull out chip tray

Top clamp


Capacities and Specifications

Capacities shown are max envelope. Each individual cutting job must be considered with regards to type and shape of material, and quantity of pieces per day.

(see chart in pictures)


Optional Accessories

AC100 5' x 12" wide freestanding conveyor

AC101 10' x 12" wide freestanding conveyor

AC300 5' x 12" wide conveyor mounted to machine

AC300 10' x 12" wide conveyor mounted to machine

AC102 6' Worktable conveyor infeed/outfeed mounted to machine w/ coolant tray

AC103 Additional 6' connecting to AC102

AC131 "V" Jaws

AC116 Spray mist coolant

Barloader, must be ordered with machine




Most machine orders ship within a day.  Give us a call at 905-715-7776 to check current stock and availability.


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