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The BENDHOR Horizontal Bending machines are designed for fast, precise and safe folding, bending and straightening operations of different metal profiles and sections. In addition to an array of standard tooling for most metal work, LOAR’s Technical Office develops customized tools in response to the specific needs of the different bending situations proposed by our customers.

The BENDHOR Series of machines are available in 20, 30 or 50 metric ton capacities with two options for controlling the bend-angle; standard Wheel Control with positioning counter or with intuitive, tactile, touch screen CNC control. All machines are available with either a 1-meter simple stop or multi-stop back-gauge.

Our BENDHOR machines often compliment a press brake as we found that they often can enable additional bending operations that can be difficult in a conventional press brake. Our experience has shown that for certain bends (heavier plate thicknesses, shorter lengths, etc.) our BENDHOR Horizontal Bending Machines are better suited and can give better quality bends and reduce errors compared to doing the same work in a press brake. This will often free up your press brake for other work, offer better protection to the machine and extend service life.