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EUROMAC MTX Flex 6 Hybrid

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Euromac is a world-leading supplier of metal fabricating machinery. Euromac's first-class product line-up includes CNC punching machines, CNC electric press brakes, horizontal CNC bending machines and notching machines. Euromac designs, develops and manufactures by utilizing the newest technologies in order to meet today's demanding market needs, maximizing your efficiency, ease of use and most importantly, your profitability. EUROMAC meets your ambitions...

Product Details

EUROMAC MTX Series of CNC punching machines are all about speed, stability, extreme flexibility and precision. Includes our patented FLEX Hybrid System which combines the power of hydraulics with the precision and speed of electronic control. 6-punching stations - 3 AUTOINDEX “D” stations 360°, 3 fixed “D” stations.  Each“D” station can be equipped with Multitool 4 - 6 - 10 punches or Single Station Tooling (type Thick Turret A - B - C - D) on Autoindex stations all the punches can rotate at 360° (max. 30 punches)

EUROMAC TopPunch Software

• TopPunch® allows:

• thread tapping

• marking

• deburring

• beading/off set

• bending

• automatic setup of the third clamp

• chute door

• operation on loading/unloading system

• vacuum system

• upforming (Available on STX - MTX FLEX 12)

Standard Equipment

• One FMTE6 or FMTE4 MultiTool included

• Toppunch® Touch Control (TPT)

• FLEX: hybrid hydraulic servomotor controlled system

• Programmable adjustment of stroke length, speed, aceleration and dwell time

• Automatic hydraulic clamp positioning programmed by CNC

• Two hydraulic opening clamps (60 bar)

• Easy sheet loading system (pneumatic cylinders help the sheet into the clamps)

• Automatic lubrication for top drilled single punches and Mulitools

• Standalone machine control

• Standard machine software (Toppunch®)

• Tables with brushes

• Front overturning table extension L. 830 mm

• External cooling system • Die holders: n. 2 size D - n. 1 size C - n. 2 size B - n. 1 reduction for B / A

• Punch reductions: n. 1 D / C - n. 2 D / B - n. 1 B / A

• Set of keys (3-4-6-8 mm socket head screws, greaser)

• Pressure gauge

• Instruction manual (paper & electronic format)

• Predisposition for teleservice (internet connection required)

• USB Memory Stick

• Electrical predisposition for loading / unloading system

Many options available to enhance the way you punch.


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