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Euromac is a world-leading supplier of metal fabricating machinery. Euromac's first-class product line-up includes CNC punching machines, CNC electric press brakes, horizontal CNC bending machines and notching machines. Euromac designs, develops and manufactures by utilizing the newest technologies in order to meet today's demanding market needs, maximizing your efficiency, ease of use and most importantly, your profitability. EUROMAC meets your ambitions...

Product Details

XT, the new generation of Euromac punching machines, characterised by their high performance
and production flexibility are suitable to fulfil all production needs.  This is a machine with a large work area (Up to 1500 x 3000 mm) without the need for any repositioning, which ensures reliability
and punching speed.
Each XT punching machine can be configured in either a hydraulic, a hybrid or an electric version, with either 6 or 12 stations (up to 66 tools and 30 of them are indexed). In addition, an automatic loading and unloading system with a palletised system can be mounted to further increase the system’s production capacity.
Punching speed:
– up to 1080 strokes per minute for nibbling 1 mm pitch
– up to 460 strokes per minute for punching 20 mm pitch


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