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HAEGER 824 OneTouch-5e

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Haeger, a PennEngineering® Company, manufactures hardware insertion machines, we are the world leader in the development of innovative fastener insertion technology solutions. Haeger has introduced its full line of machines which provide our SingleTouch Part Handling Technology. These machines allow the insertion of up to four different fasteners in a single handling of a part. The Technology offers the single most significant boost to hardware insertion productivity since the introduction of automatic tooling systems. Haeger machines Create Hardware Insertion Profit Centers™ by optimizing labor, improving quality, and increasing productivity through the use of technology. For nearly 40 years, Haeger has pioneered and manufactured machines and tooling systems for inserting nearly every type and size of self-clinching fastener imaginable. And, the development continues – we’re constantly creating new technologies for inserting nearly every type and size of self-clinching fasteners into all varieties of materials. Haeger’s engineers can solve insertion challenges that no one else can, whether it’s engineering, production, technical service or sales and marketing. Our staff brings experience, expertise, and diversity of talent second to none. In 2018 Haeger, Inc. became part of PennEngineering®.

Product Details

Fastener Insertion System Combine Maximum Productivity and Process Control with Ease of Setup


824™ OneTouch™ 5e


4 Station Automatic Lower Tool Changer

An integrated cartridge with 4 tooling stations automatically retracts, indexes and positions up to 4 different tools in the lower tool holder. Maximum accessibility around the lower tool allows for parts with tall flanges to fit on the machine.


4 Station Automatic Upper Tool Changer

4 Insertion Stations and 4 Tool positions provide the ability to automatically feed up to 4 different sizes and types of fasteners in one handling. Productivity of 1 insertion every 2.5 seconds, while tools are changed within 3 seconds. Fastener Detection and Fastener Length detection provides FULL process control in every station.


Fast & Easy Tooling Setup on 4 MAS 350 - Modular Autofeed Systems

A unique new drive system in combination with a complete new bowl design incorporating all the latest bowl feeding technologies. A long list of advantages, but what does this mean for you?

• Tool Change from 3 minutes to 3 seconds per MAS 350 through a one piece tool module.

• No more manual bowl setting required.

Software automatically sets the proper vibration rate, air eject time and required air pressure to allow for failure free fastener feed. From a full bowl down to the last one out! Reliable Feeding. Faster Changeover. No Training Required.

• Larger bowl design in combination with new drive allows for fastener sizes M1.5 through M10 all to be fed in the same bowl.

• Deeper bowl design in combination with new bowl tooling design allows for fastener lengths up to 30mm all to be fed in the same bowl.

• New upper tool design allows use for quick change 1 piece tool module, resulting in faster and easier tool change.

• Change in bowl material resulting in fasteners becoming less dirty from “air-dust” or individual rubbing.

• Lower mounting position allowing for easier filling and emptying.


Easier and Faster Programming

The ALL NEW intuitive Insertion Logic TM Software with Insertion Graphics® and integrated Statistic

Process Control allows for more functionality while reducing programming time. Version 12 Insertion

Logic® provides you with the recommended operating time for the part programmed and stores any

corrected errors during the insertion process, allowing you to provide this data with your deliveries

to your customers.


Best Operator Ergonomics

Operator control pendant can be adjusted in 6 directions, allowing for easy access and the best view of screen instructions while standing up or sitting down.




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